Empowering Beauty Through Art

Mari Benning is an esteemed permanent makeup artist who has been a devoted enthusiast of the beauty industry for more than two decades. Her journey is marked by exploration, as she ventured into various career paths, but her unshakable love for beauty ultimately led her back to where it all began. Her unwavering dedication to enhancing natural beauty and empowering women has made her a revered figure in the field.

At the age of 18, driven by her dream of someday owning her own salon. Mari Benning enrolled in cosmetology school in New York. With a deep-rooted passion for the art of beauty she completed her schooling in the sunny state of Florida, where she embarked on her career in the beauty industry. It was here that she first discovered her affinity for the transformative power of makeup. Here is where she honed her skills in various facets of the beauty industry. 

What truly sets Mari apart is her commitment to empowering women through her work.

She believes that "beauty isn't just skin deep; it does more than just create superficial change; it has the power to restore a woman's inner confidence, especially after her womanhood has been challenged or compromised."

Mari's mission is to help every client feel their best, allowing their inner radiance to shine through her meticulous artistry.

Throughout her career, Mari Benning has tirelessly pursued excellence and innovation. She has amassed a multitude of certifications in permanent makeup procedures, staying at the forefront of industry trends and techniques. Her extensive background in skilled artistry, expertise in makeup, deep knowledge of color theory, and permanent makeup techniques, combined with her wealth of experience, guarantee that each client receives a tailored, top-tier service.

Mari's dedication goes beyond her studio. She actively participates in community events and workshops, sharing her story with aspiring entrepreneurs and women seeking to attain their dream. Her positive impact on countless lives resonates with those fortunate enough to have experienced her transformative artistry.

Join Mari on an inspiring journey to rediscover your inner glow and unveil the most magnificent version of yourself.



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